Clandestine Ops

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A First Person Shooter that I developed as an example violent video game for participants of my research to play to ensure they were being exposed to a game with violent content.

This was the second game that I have developed using the Unity game engine and my first time creating a First Person Shooter as well as a 3D game. As the game was created for my honours project I worked alone on it and was responsible for creating all of the code for the game. To help me develop the game I made use of some teaching books for Unity as well as referencing the Unity API for more details, especially since I had such a short development window.

While developing the game I wanted to use the same method that AAA games such as Battlefield use for the shooting. For this reason all of the shooting in the game is done with Raycasting. When the player shoots a Raycast is created from the middle off the camera and is shot out infinitely. Once that is done a RaycastHit is then shot out along the Raycast and sends a “detectHit” message to any object it hits. When the “detectHit” message is read by the enemy’s damage is applied to them by reducing its health. Once the message is sent to the hit objects a particle script is run to play particle effects. If the tag of the hit object equals “enemy” a blood splatter effect is then played and if the object is tagged with “MetalObject” and metal spark particle effect is played on the position of the object hit.

The enemies in the game also use Unity’s navigation system to path find to predetermined locations. To do this a navigation mesh was created by the engine by calculating the geometry of the map. Empty objects that act as points for each of the enemies were then placed in the level and placed into an array for each of the enemy’s navigation script to know what waypoints to move to. The enemy movement code then moves to the first waypoint in the array until it has reached it then selects the next waypoint and keeps cycling through the array. The enemies are also told to pause once they have reach each waypoint and will also stop moving if the player is within range of them or if the player shoots at them. The enemies will also shoot back at the player using the same Recasting method that the player uses.