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A collection of some projects I have worked on

Built with: C#, JavaScript, ASP.Net

Built with: UNITY & C#

Built with: UNITY & C#

Built with: JavaScript & React

Built with: JavaScript & Cordova

Built with: UNITY & C#

Built with: Unreal Engine 4

About Me

Hello, I’m Daniel Taylor a software engineer based in Scotland. I enjoy creating things for desktop, mobile and the web using technologies like C#, JavaScript and React. I graduated from the University of the West of Scotland a few years ago with a BSc. Honours in Computer Games Development.

Shortly after graduating from university, I started my professional career working as a Unity developer for two years. Before switching things up and working as a full-stack developer over the third year of my career.



Spartan Solutions Ltd

October 2018 - Present

Software Engineer

In my role, I am responsible for many tasks including development, testing and support. Some of my main duties include creating, implementing and improving features in PHALANX, Spartans flagship operations application. As well as creating requested custom features and updating existing features based on our customer's needs. I have also had the opportunity to work on an unreleased project primarily using C#, ReactJS and Redux.

Solus UK Ltd

August 2016 - October 2018

Unity Developer

When I started my role at Solus I was placed in charge of several existing mobile applications to fix bugs, implement and improve features and games and work on optimising these applications. Later I was placed in a lead role in developing the company's new children's library application to deliver a more feature-rich experience to libraries and their patrons.

In my time there, I worked on improving the organization and development process between different departments. I was also involved in taking part in regular development meetings with our reseller based in the US, as well as interacting with customers during the pilot phase of the application's launch in the US.

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