World Cup Manager

World Cup manager was created as part of a three man team for our computer project class, our brief was to create a piece of software from a list as part of a random team of people that do not know each other. My team decided to make a mobile application that allowed people to save game outcomes about the world cup and have it update tables and outcomes.

The application displays the matches to be played in the tournament and then takes in user input of score from each game. Once the scores have been entered the application will update the group stages by filling in the points, goals, goal difference and other information to the group tables. After the group stage the application displays the knockout stages and once again it takes a score input and will graphically display which teams move on further into the tournament. It can also be used to simulate made up outcomes in a world cup situation and can also be used for future tournaments as well. During the tournament the application had over ten thousand downloads with our highest daily download total hitting 250.

My role is the team was to get resources, compile minutes of meetings and help with half of the documentation; my main task was to create 75 of the 100 flags that could be used in a world cup tournament as no good quality version of these flags were available for download. I had a lot of fun designing and creating the application as well as learning a lot making it, it was a challenge at first to make such an application in a short period with people I have never spoken to before but I feel the outcome of the final product was fantastic.