The Edge of Civilization

The Edge of Civilization is a First Person survival game created in the Unreal 4 Engine as part of my 3D Level Design Class at University.

The class involved us working in teams of two to design and create a level for a game. The initial idea for the game was proposed by me then the team built on this idea to polish the idea for the game out. As no one on the team was familiar with C++ and because we only had 6 weeks to create the game after spending the first 6 weeks on the design document, the team opted to use Unreal’s Blueprint system. My roles in the team were to work on the design document, act as the Team Leader and do all of the coding for the game as I was the strongest programmer out of the team.

During the project I learned how to use the engine's level creation tools to help my team mate build the structure of the level before starting to work on the interactivity. The game features several interactivity from using Trigger Boxes to change the brightness of lights to give the light a flickering on effect, making objects disappear and playing voice over audio when interacting with objects in the level. The game also features two enemies that use Unreal’s Navmesh to path find to the player and chase them through the level. Doing this simple required me to place a Navmesh object on the first and second floor of the level then call a Simple Move to Actor function in the blueprint of the enemies.

I also decided to add in level streaming to the game so that the only floor of the level that is loaded at any time is the one the player is on. Even though the game is not that large or intensive I felt that this was a good thing to implement as it gives me experience on always optimising games for the players experience and reinforces the learning of optimising your games for players. Once the player gets in the elevator to change floor then a blueprint that detects what floor the player is currently on before unloading it and loading in the new floor is called once the elevator door is closed. I also decided to add in subtitles for all of the voice over in the game as I am a fan of turning subtitles on whenever I play games and it was something that I wanted to gain experience with. I also got some more practice with using particles in this game as I created two different particle effects, one was for the smoke at the intro sequence of the game and the second was running water in the shower room of the game where the player is chased by the first enemy.