Fri, 28 Feb 2020

After reading this post from Wes Bos on what hardware and software he uses and then discovering on Twitter he has a collection of similar posts from other developers. Which he has now turned into a dedicated website using Gatsby. I thought it would be enjoyable to do one of my own, just covering what tools I use when developing personal projects.

Editors, Terminal & Browser

Visual Studio Code – This is my editor of choice when it comes to creating anything JavaScript, HTML and React related.

The plugins I use include:

Visual Studio 2019 Community – This is my go-to editor for any of my C# based work. I know you can use VS Code for C# as well, but I feel more at home with Visual Studio and its C# experience is better.

Fira Code – In both VS Code and VS Studio I use Fira Code as my font of choice.

Windows Terminal – I recently switched over to using the new Windows Terminal as my terminal of choice.

Firefox Developer Edition – At the time of writing this blog I have recently swicthed from using Chrome to Firefox as my daily browser and I am currently really enjoying the features it brings.

Desktop Programs

Adobe XD – Allows you to easily and quickly mockup design ideas. You can also find projects of prebuilt components from the likes of Google that you can use.

Paint.Net – For when I need to do some very light image editing.

OneNote – Another piece of software I have recently started using and have fallen in love with for taking notes and scribbling down ideas.

Notepad++ – A Nice powerful editor that you can do a lot with. Whether it be coding or just simple text editing, which is my main use.

GitHub Desktop – May be blasphemy to some, but it is very quick and easy to use and since I am just working on tutorials and side projects it does the job for me.

Postman – For viewing API calls

OBS – Screen capture.

DaVinci Resolve – Video editing.

Web Apps

Google Docs – To me this is a great free alternative to MS Office, I use sheets the most for saving tutorial links and project ideas.

JSON Editor Online – Great online JSON formatter and editor.

Carbon – Easy way to get clean screenshots of code snippets

1Password – Password manager