Learning – Week Ten & Eleven

Hi everyone, welcome to this weeks two in one post. I decided that last week I did not have enough content to make a blog post worth your time and held off on posting until this week.

So lets get started and see what I have been doing.


I spend week ten of my JavaScript day finishing off the testing series from FunFunFunction, The final three videos in the series looked at continuing with mock API calls and looked at using tests in a production application. Looking at the real use benefits and implementation was a nice touch and I felt it helps reinforce why people do or should use unit tests. The final video also used WallabyJS for testing this time, for anyone interested in other testing tools.

After finishing up the testing, I went back to working through my list of saved tutorials. The first two tutorials were on Learning JSON and Debugging Tricks and Tips. I have a good bit of experience using JSON, both in work and professional projects, but felt it would be worth a quick look to pick up anything I might not have known. I feel watching tricks and tips videos can be useful to pick up on shortcuts or little helpful things you might not know.  

Next I work through two tutorials, covering Intervals in JavaScript and TimeOut in jQuery. The first tutorial shows the code for creating an alarm clock with vanilla JavaScript. With the jQuery tutorial explaining how to use its TimeOut feature. I felt these two tutorials would be worth a look as I don’t  have much experience with using intervals in JavaScript.

The next tutorial I worked though, showed how to access and remove query parameters in a URL. I have never used or felt the need to edit query parameters in a URL, but still found the video very interesting and would recommend it if you are curious about it. Finishing up I watch a video on creating some of the useful JavaScript array functions from scratch. I really liked this video as it didn’t just show you have the functions are called, but showing the underlying code was interesting and helped reinforce how the methods work.


For C# over the last two week’s I have continued on with the Tournament Tracker course. Since my last post the course has covered SQL using Microsoft SQL Studio. The tutorial didn’t got to much into writing with SQL but did cover how the databases and their values work, as well as setting up relationships between specific tables. Next we created the UI for the application using Windows Forms, the image below is from the Create Prize form. Finally I finished up this weeks C# tutorials by working through the section setting up getting the input and validating it from the Create Prize form.


When it came to React over the last two week I continued with the React course, I purchased on Black Friday. The last two weeks has seen me work through the section in the course covering ES6 and understanding the basics of React. Even though I have been working with React for a while now the section on the React basics actually covered some topics more in depth that I did not know.


For ASP.Net, I have continued to work on the CoreWiki project.  The last few videos on the project have focused on merging pull request from GitHub. I have been in two minds about this, compared to Jeff coding all of the project himself. I understand merging code and features created by others helps speed up the development process and Jeff may not have the time to do all the work himself. But as someone looking to learn, I would like to go over ever single thing in detail and implement it myself.

For this reason I am considering putting the CoreWiki on hold for the moment and might spend sometime looking for more beginner level tutorials. I have really enjoyed Jeff’s content and think what he is doing with the stream is awesome. I will continue to watch his videos whenever I can because of how good the content is and I would suggest others to check them out too.

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