Learning – Week Nine

Welcome to update Nine of what I have been working on this week.


This week in JavaScript city, I decided to spend some time looking at unit tests in JavaScript. Thankfully MPJ who I have spoke about before. Has a great playlist of videos that teach unit testing assuming you have no prior experience with them, which was really good for me. As you can see below I managed to work through four videos on Monday and still have some to complete.

The first video in the playlist goes over why you should implement unit tests and their benefits to you, your code and your projects.

Video two highlights the benefits of a test first approach, such as being a good replacement of documentation and to help make it is easier for you to write them as your code and its complexity grows.

Video three was an intro to test runners and focused on using Jest. As I mentioned above I have never implemented unit tests before. So I did not have any issues using Jest and for the short time I used it I had no problems with it.

The fourth and final video that I worked through was showing an example of using mock tests to test calling an API without actually calling the API. It was a useful video to get a round the issue of constantly calling an API, especially free ones that may limit your number of calls.


As it was Thanksgiving in America this week, a lot of tutorial providers put their content on sale. So one course I decided to pick up was Tim Corey’s C# From Start to Finish. I had seen this course of his YouTube channel and wanted to start it, but seen some content was missing from the free version and decided to pick up the premium course.

I don’t have anything to show from the course at the moment, as the first section of the course focused on covering a majority of the design and planning of the application. As someone who has worked a job that had next to no planning for their projects, I can appreciate why Tim would like to reinforce this step in peoples development process. There is a lot of content on the course and it covers a wide range of topics that I am looking forward to learning and sharing, over the next few weeks.


Another course I picked up from a Black Friday sale was React 16 – The Complete Guide (incl. React Router 4 & Redux) by Maximilian. I had my eye on this course for a while and decided to take the chance and give it a go. I have only completed the intro section giving a background on React and started the second section going over some ES6 features that will be used. But from what I can see it looks like a good in-depth course, especially as I have never used React Router or Redux.


This week in ASP town I managed to get through two of Jeff’s streams as I have been really enjoying them and finding it hard to not watch them all week. Below are the videos I worked through that went over updating some libraries like Bootstrap and FontAwesome. The videos also went over fixing some issues and requests added on GitHub by viewers of the stream.

One thing the streams covered this week I have not used or implemented before was pagination. For anyone unsure what this is, it is when you break content of a website down across multiple pages so you don’t have a list of 100+ items. The next thing that was covered was Html.PartialAsync. This is the process of adding reusable content/components into its own page, that can then be added to another page. This is similar to react and reusing components and was straightforward and easy to set up.

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