Learning – Week Seven

Welcome to update seven. As you can see from below I managed to get a lot more work done this week. That is why this post is a day late. I usually spend Sunday night writing it, but I was enjoying the ASP.Net series mentioned below too much to put it down.


This week in JavaScript, I worked through a number of tutorials on different topics.

I started with this short video on using Ionicons, on a web page rather than in an application. Next I watched this video on fixing Unexpected Tokens in JSON, I wanted to watch this as I feel my debugging skills aren’t as good as I would like them to be. As part of my path to get up to date with the new features of JavaScript I completed a tutorial on Async and Await. Then I read this Reddit post on Advanced JavaScript, and this post from David Walsh on using Aliases with Destructing.

After completing the Weather app I mentioned some weeks ago. I came across this blog post  on a good search function and thought it would be wise to give it a read. Next I completed this two tutorials from AppDividend on how to convert strings to numbers and working with forEach loops. I then worked through these challenges from Dev.to. If you are looking for a quick test of your knowledge I would recommend working through it.

Finally I finished up my JavaScript week with this series of video from MPJ, Discussing functional programming in JavaScript. If you haven’t heard of MPJ before and are looking for good JavaScript content, I highly suggest you check out his YouTube channel Fun Fun Function. It has tons of great content to help you learn and increase your skills with the language.


For C# this week, I worked through two videos from Tim Corey. The first video I watched was about using Dynamic over Var and vice versa. I had never heard of the Dynamic type before, so I learned a lot from the video and learnt that even though something may sound like a better option at first, it isn’t always as black and white as that. The final video I watched was on the .Net standard, which described what it was, why it’s used and what to take into account when decided to use that or the .Net framework.


As I mentioned last week, I planned on converting my old vanilla JavaScript weather app over to React. This time I decided to make it a little different to keep the project interesting, I went with a list of forecasts ever 3 hours for a 5 day period.

I didn’t have any problems that stopped me from completing the project as you can see. Though I did have to refresh my memory with how some of the code was written, to help jog my memory. Overall I really enjoyed working on the project and definitely feel more comfortable with using React. My plan for next week is to create a simple calculator and I am really looking forward to taking on the task.


When it came ASP.Net work this week, I continued on with the Wiki project from Jeff Fritz that I started last week. This week I managed to get through two of his live stream’s. The first video focused on cleaning up some of the pages from last week, then focused on updating the routing of the pages.

The second video worked on updating Bootstrap to version 4, adding in Font-awesome and adding in a Latest Changes page. I am really enjoying the project and Jeff’s delivery of the content. He doesn’t fully explain everything he is doing, but as he shows you everything step by step, I have had no issues in keeping up with the project. If you have some done some ASP.Net tutorials before but are looking for a longer/larger project I would suggest you give this a look and don’t feel put off.

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