Learning – Week Six

Welcome to Week 6 of my learning update. This week has went in really quick for me. As I briefly mentioned last week, I have started a new job. I can’t give too much away about what I am exactly working on/with, but I should be safe in saying that after only 3 days of coding there I have learned a lot of new stuff. Some of it has been retained and other parts I would need definitely need to look up. So I hope you believe me when I say I have had a busy week. Even if this post is a bit sparse compared to other posts.

So that’s enough of me blabbing, lets take a look at what I have been doing this week.


This week in JavaScript I went over some more new stuff in ES6 with a video from Ben Awad. You will have heard me speak about Ben before, with his Practical React series. I gave this video a look as I like Ben’s React content and was not disappoint with his vanilla JavaScript videos. If you are looking to learn about ES6 features or brush up on them, like myself. I would suggest that you give the video a watch and code along.


For C# this week I decided to have a break from the WPF series I was working through. To just focus on C# as I thought this would be better for my new job. I decided to work though a video on Interfaces by Tim Corey. I wanted to do this as my new job uses Interfaces a lot more than my previous job and I do not have a lot of experience with them.


This week I finally got around to completing the Practical React series from Ben Awad I have been working on. It finished up with creating a To Do App, then deploying it though a number of hosting services. Just like the rest of the series I learned a lot with it and gained some more confidence with React. I think next week I might look at taking my weather app and porting it over to React. I also have some more tutorials from Ben and other sources bookmarked to keep me busy, if I change my mind.


As I mentioned in my Week Four post, I was looking to start a long term ASP.Net project and this week I did. I started a tutorial series by Jeff Fritz on creating a Wiki using Asp.Net Core. I have only watched one of the live streams in the playlist so far, but I have already picked up on some stuff I never knew. Also Jeff’s plan is to evolve the project and make it more and more advanced, so I am expecting to learn a lot more as I get into it.

If you know a little bit about ASP.Net but are looking to learn a lot more about it, I would suggest you give it a watch. But if you have no background I would suggest you look at some of the tutorials from Microsoft as the first video doesn’t go into too much detail.

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