Learning – Week Five

Welcome to update five of my learning journey. This week’s post is going to be a short one as I did not get to do as much as I wanted. I have started a new job this week, so had to do a bit of shopping and organizing things to get ready for that. Hopefully in the next coming weeks or months I will be able to share some details of this, but for now I will need to apologies for leaving you with a cliffhanger.


For my JavaScript learning this week I worked through an hour long video on the FreeCodeCamp YouTube Channel. I have used classes in JavaScript before but I am not as comfortable with them as I am with them in C#. So I felt it would be a good idea to quickly run through the video and brush up on them.


This week for C# I continued with the WPF project playlist from AngleSix on YouTube. This weeks video involved Attached Properties, which was used in order to add some placeholder text to the password box of the applications login display. The video used a lot of stuff I have never used or even heard of before so it was a lot to take in. However AngleSix did let us know that he would be going over it again, I am looking forward to this just to help reinforce everything.


For React this week I continued with Ben Awad’s Practical React playlist. I was planning on completing it this week but as previously mentioned, this did not go to plan. I have really enjoyed this series of tutorials and I am looking forward to finishing it up to look at his other content. If you are looking to get into ReactJS I would suggest looking at Ben’s videos, each video covers one specific topic which makes learning easy and full of detail.


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