Learning – Week Three

Welcome to update three of my learning plan. This week is a bit different as it focuses a bit more on creating a couple projects over just pure tutorials.


I began JavaScript this week by creating a weather app, that uses the OpenWeatherApp to display the current weather for a given location. I was inspired to do this from this YouTube video and the fact I thought it would be good practice to do in plain JavaScript as they last time I made a weather app was for university and it used jQuery.

My goal was to try and use as many ES6 features that I could to get some more practice and experience using them. I also used the look from the video to practice my CSS skills. Along side this I learned how to use a list of options with an input box, by reading in data from a JSON file. This was the first time I have done autocomplete like this without jQuery UI, but it was extremely easy to do.

Along with the CSS practice, I finally used the drop shadow property on the input and weather display window. I done this to help add some depth to the page and help make the elements stand out from the background more. I also made use of the Geolocation API to add a button that takes the lat and long of the user to quickly get the weather for their exact location.

I have embeded a CodePen Pen below that you can play around with. All you need to include to use is the API key from OpenWeatherApp, also the autocomplete search feature does not work in the Pen.

See the Pen Weather App by Daniel (@dantay0803) on CodePen.

Originally on Friday I was going to either work through some more tutorials or look at building another random web app. I actually ended up spending my Friday creating a bot, for me and my friends Discord server. I don’t want to give too much away about it just yet as I am not done. If you want to create one yourself whilst using JavaScript, you can use the DiscordJS library and run it using Node.


This week in C# world I finished off the fourth video in the Windows Project Form playlist from AngleSix. In the second half of the video we got the custom app window finished including an icon, title display, window buttons, right click support and some fancy colors and drop shadows. I also managed to fix an issue I was having last week after completing the first half of the video, where the window would not let me drag it around the screen.

The cause of the issue was due to me missing a capital letter when naming one of the options in the windows properties in the xaml file. The next video is shorter and shows how to create a log in screen for the app, so I should have some nice images to show next week.


Last week after I completed that Udemy course that briefly covered React I said I might try create my own app. I never ended up doing that but I did work through this great video from FreeCodeCamp, when you build a TV series list whilst covering React Fundamentals. The full tutorial is only a little over an hour but its very straight to the point and that I feel that it covers a lot of information.

My plan for next week now is to take the Weather App I previously made in vanilla JavaScript on Monday, and convert it into a React App.


Wrapping up this week I worked thought an example on creating a Web API with ASP.NET for a simple To Do app. You can find the document/tutorial here on the Microsoft Official docs. The tutorial was nice and straight to the point, I still feel like I have a lot to learn with ASP but I didn’t have any trouble following along. My pan for next week is to try find a more in depth tutorial to work through, in the hopes of learning even more.

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