Learning – Week One

Welcome to the first update to my learning plan I outlined in my New Beginnings post. As I mentioned in that post these weekly updates may change frequency and or style and if you have any feedback on the post please leave a comment.

Now lets get into what I have been doing…


The first thing I done to improve my JavaScript skills this week was to complete a collection of small tutorials on various new features added in ES6. The tutorials were nicely put together and detailed so I did not have any issues apart from one on Importing and Exporting modules.

I learned that I had to add type=”module” to the script tags if I was using internal JavaScript or an external file. Not realizing this at first gave me a bit of trouble, but after reading up on StackOverflow about import/export, I managed to fix my issue. I also learned that you do not need to reference the file that the data/code was being imported from in the HTML file. The feature reminded me of using classes in C# and not needing to reference the file exporting the code was like setting the namespace of the class to the project namespace even if it was in a folder.

I also carried out tutorials on showing a user their password in an input, removing duplicate items from an array, detecting prime numbers and copied some code examples from an article discussing JavaScript interview questions.



For C#, I continued with this awesome playlist of tutorials on creating Windows Project Forms. I originally got my start in C# with Windows Forms about 6 years ago but have not done anything since. I have been really enjoying the series and learning more not just about C# but creating UI’s with XAML.

Everything so far has went well and the only Issue I had was in Tree Views episode 2 using an updated version of the Fody package. I noticed that some of the comments mentioned that I did not need to reference Fody in my INotifyPropertyChanged class. However I did not notice that the Fody reference file FodyWeavers.xml, was not created automatically. Which meant my property change events did not fire. I managed to solve this quickly by reading the README on the packages GitHub repo.


This week I also starting working on learning React. Nothing too exciting happened this week, I just got npm installed and learnt how to get a project up and running as well as learning some of the basics of the library such as states, creating components with JSX. Along side this I also got a React cheat sheet started.

If you yourself want to get started with React I would suggest this playlist from TechSith on YouTube.


Finally this week I continued on with my ASP.Net tutorials. I started working on the ASP.Net intermediate course from the Microsoft Virtual Academy. I learned some more about the start up process ASP takes and some of the other tasks it does about setting variables between development and production.

I also learned about Tag Helpers in ASP, which allow you to create server side code that can help to create and render different HTML elements in your Razor pages. even from a 30 minute video I can see how useful and beneficial this feature could be in a project or even more so in reusing features across multiple projects.


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