New Beginnings

Hello and welcome to my new blog.

Recently a few podcasts that I regularly listen to have promoted blogging as a method to helping you learn. So I decided to start blogging again, but this time instead of reviewing and covering game content. I would speak about my journey with programming and other interests/areas in my career.

As I am writing this I have no solid plan at the moment on how often I will be blogging or exactly how they will be laid out. I do know I will make at least one post a week on either a Saturday on Sunday when I have most of my free time, covering what I have learnt/done for that week.

The areas that I am looking to learn about/improve upon are:


I already use C# daily in my role as a Unity developer but I want to do more C# tutorials not specifically focusing on games but to generally increase my skills and knowledge with the language.


ASP.Net is another tool I want to learn as I have no back-end languages or tools in my skill set, but I have always been interested in learning more about the back-end. I decided to go with ASP.Net as I have a background in C# and it is in use by my current employer. So I figured it would help with in two areas instead of one.


I used JavaScript at University for a couple of classes but since graduating have not used it much if at all really. I did pick it back up a couple months ago and enjoyed relearning/refreshing myself with the langue, so I plan on continuing with it.

React/React Native

Along with JavaScript I want to learn React and React Native for creating content with JavaScript. I have no real reason or preference for choosing React over Angular or Vue, other than wanting to build my Comic Manager app with React Native.

Nothing, however is set in stone and I could change one of these selections if another langue or framework becomes more beneficial or enjoyable.

Currently all my code from completed tutorials and demos is kept in private GitHub repo’s, but if there is enough of a request I could look into cleaning this up and making it public for people to follow along. I may also look at sharing how I go about setting out my “learning resources” for anyone interested. I would like this blog to help others as well as myself, so if you have any comments or feedback on any post please leave a comment.

I think that should do it for now, if you have read this far thank you for sticking around and I hope you can gain something from these blogs.

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